Boarding Glasses -goggles against transport sickness – BOARDING RING

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The end of motion sickness, in a few minutes!

how it works

Put on Boarding Glasses as soon as the first signs appear.

Your senses synchronise in about ten minutes.

You can take off your glasses and enjoy the trip!

At sea, on the road, in the air and even by train, bring your Boarding Glasses everywhere and travel with total peace of mind !

Motion sickness?


"Whatever your destination or means of transportation, the boarding team is committed to making your trip a unique experience in terms of comfort."

Antoine Jeannin -co-founder & CEO 


I have been wearing them for two years and these glasses have changed my life, I no longer fear the drives on the Corsica roads. Before the goggles any trip meant tough moment, now the problem is solved!!!! Thanks a thousand times

Ambre R.

In addition to working well for us, our pair of Boarding Glasses was tested in car and boat by 3 people around us and each time it was a success! Thank you again!

Kevin B.

My son has been wearing these glasses for more than 15 days, and miracle, no trouble anymore: no craving to vomit, no symptoms anymore, and no fear, the dream !!! We can now drive quietly. I am really delighted with this purchase

Sabine P.