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🚨 Nouveau modèle enfant !

Pré-commandez Ringo, le nouveau modèle enfant (0-9 ans) sur notre campagne Ulule et bénéficiez d'un prix doux comme un voyage sans nausée !
Fin de l'opération le 16 février 2023

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The Boarding Ring Adventure

Two brothers, an unfailing ambition for an innovative approach.

In the South of France, on the shores of the Mediterranean, we founded Boarding Ring in 2015, to tackle the problem of motion sickness.
Within the team, no one suffers. But some of you do.

And for us, what matters is you!

-Antoine & Renaud Jeannin-

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"Make your trip a unique experience of comfort, whatever your destination or mode of transport"

Antoine & Renaud

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