La route vers Boarding Ring

The road to Boarding Ring

And if we evoked the prehistory of Boarding Ring? And so my vision, my interest in visual pursuit and the journey that led to the approach proposed by Boarding Ring?
May 08, 2020 — Hubert Jeannin
Les coulisses du partenariat Seetroën !

Behind the scenes of the Seetroën partnership!

In July 2018, this video made the rounds of the web. A global buzz that generated more than 20 million views and 10,000 orders in a few days! A look back at the launch of our partnership with the French manufacturer Citroën...
March 13, 2020 — Antoine Jeannin
Résolument scientifique

Resolutely scientific

This approach gave birth to Boarding Glasses, a pair of “low-tech” glasses, contrary to drug solutions, and yet resolutely scientific...
March 06, 2020 — Renaud Jeannin
peacefull journey

Better fight against motion sickness

It is by acting on the cause of motion sickness that you will certainly avoid its consequences. A synchronization of the components of the balance, to avoid any discordance and thus to make impossible the disorders of the sickness of transport...

February 28, 2020 — Antoine Jeannin
cinétose kinetosis

What is motion sickness?

Called seasickness, airsickness or naupathy, motion sickness originates from a sensory conflict between the different components of the sense of balance; specifically a difference of...
February 21, 2020 — Antoine Jeannin
Quel mode de transport rend le plus malade ?

What mode of transport makes the sickest?

A BVA* study shows that 47% of French people are sick in certain types of transport. Everyone obviously has their own susceptibility, but the analysis makes it possible to establish a hierarchy between the main means...
February 14, 2020 — Antoine Jeannin
motion sickness glasses lunettes mal des transports

A breakthrough year for Boarding Ring

For the opening of this blog, and on behalf of the entire Boarding Ring team, I wish you the best for 2020 ! A year 2020 which started off with a bang with...

February 05, 2020 — Antoine Jeannin