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Boarding Glasses - Motion sickness glasses

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Patented innovation
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Car, boat, plane, train
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From age 10

Boarding Glasses is designed for anyone aged 10 and over who suffers from motion sickness.

There's no risk in using Boarding Glasses for young children, but in addition to the obvious issue of the wrong size for their faces, the effectiveness of the device won't be guaranteed.

The reason is simple: before the age of 9, children's peripheral vision has not yet matured.

The movement of the liquid in the branches will be less clearly perceived, resulting in lower efficiency.

Between the ages of 9 and 10, the peripheral visual field becomes fully functional.

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How does it work?

  • I wear Boarding Glasses at the first sign of trouble

  • My senses synchronize within minutes

  • I take off my glasses and enjoy the trip

Differences between Boarding Glasses and other glasses

Boarding Glasses Other glasses
🤢 Guaranteed efficiency
⚖️ Patented innovation
🌱 100% natural
👓 One-time purchase
✓ Comfort of use
⛑️ Guaranteed safety

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+50,000 happy travelers 🌟

Boarding Glasses - Blue Verified buyer

I tested the glasses on a weekend sailing trip. The sea was very rough, so I wore the glasses at the first sign of seasickness, keeping them on my nose to make sure I didn't take them off too soon. I didn't get seasick, although given the waves I should have! I'd recommend the product (if it works on everyone, it's the invention of the century!).

Boarding Glasses - Blue Verified buyer

I recommend this product whenever I can to people I meet suffering from car sickness and seasickness. My son could be sick for 10 hours at a time in the car and that was the end of it. Many thanks

Boarding Glasses - Black Verified buyer

Wonderful glasses! I couldn't even travel for an hour... And now, with these glasses, I'm unlimited... Magical! Thanks again for everything :D

Boarding Glasses - Silver Verified buyer

I was able to test the glasses during my previous trip, and the results were stunning.

Boarding Glasses - Black Verified buyer

I purchased motion sickness glasses for my daughter 48 hours before I left on vacation. They went out of their way and I got the glasses on time! A huge thank you! We used the glasses on a long trip, and they calmed my daughter's aches and pains, so the trip went pretty smoothly!

Boarding Glasses - Silver Verified buyer

Zero nausea against the current in Polynesia's worst pass... Incredible for me, as I'm extremely prone to motion sickness. I'd tried everything: vestibular reeducation (which helps quite a bit anyway), pressure-relieving bracelets, pills, but this is THE solution! I recommend +++

Boarding Glasses - Black Verified buyer

Victim of awful seasickness, the glasses are a miracle for me! It's great!!! Thanks

Boarding Glasses - Blue Verified buyer

Having been car sick since I was a little girl, I discovered your glasses and after a few trips, I'm delighted with the experience. As soon as the first symptoms appear, I put the glasses on and magic!!!! My symptoms have disappeared... thank youiiiiii for this invention. I would recommend them to anyone.

The best you can afford today ✓

Putting an end to motion sickness for the rest of your life is the best news of the day.

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