Boarding Glasses - Motion sickness glasses

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Worldwide delivery
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Original patented device
Boarding Glasses is the only patent-protected anti-kinetosis glasses.
Effective in a few minutes only
Relieve your motion sickness in just minutes!

Wear your Boarding Glasses at the first sign and remove them when all your symptoms are gone.

You'll have peace of mind for the rest of the trip ✔️
For car, plane, boat, train
The effectiveness of Boarding Glasses is guaranteed in any type of vehicle (except maybe a spaceship!): boat, car, plane, train, bus, motorcycle, helicopter, paraglider, hyperloop, etc...
Compatible with your glasses
Boarding Glasses have a wide design to allow them to be worn over most eyeglass frames.

If that's not the case with your glasses, don't worry!

Since you only need to wear Boarding Glasses for an average of ten minutes, you can go without your glasses during the treatment.
From 10 years old
Boarding Glasses is for anyone aged 10 and over who suffers from motion sickness.

Using Boarding Glasses for young children is safe, but in addition to the obvious issue of inappropriate size for their faces, the effectiveness of the device will not be guaranteed.

The reason is simple: before the age of 9, children's peripheral vision is not yet mature.

The movement of the liquid in the branches will be less well perceived, hence a lower efficiency.

Between the ages of 9 and 10, peripheral visual acuity becomes fully functional.


How does it work?

Wear Boarding Glasses
as soon as the first signs appear
Your senses are synchronized
in a few minutes
You can remove the glasses
and enjoy the trip!
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⚡️ Fast action 

Relieve your motion sickness in just minutes!

Wear your Boarding Glasses at the first sign of motion sickness and remove them when all your symptoms are gone.

You'll have peace of mind for the rest of your trip.

🏆 Guaranteed efficiency

Thanks to the blue liquid they contain, Boarding Glasses create an artificial horizon in your visual field.

They remove the sensory conflict responsible for nausea, resulting in an unparalleled 94% effectiveness!

👌 100% natural  

These glasses re-synchronize your senses and avoid kinetosis in a totally natural way.

A solution without side effects or contraindications.
Boarding Glasses motion sickness glasses blue

👨👩👧👦 Universal solution

Suitable for everyone from 10 years old, and compatible with most eyeglasses.

These glasses work in all types of transport: boat, car, plane and train.

Over 60 points of sale available in France 📍

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They speak much better than we do!

The Boarding Glasses are a game changer for my son and me--they work exactly as promised (...unlike all the other motion sickness "cures" we have tried). Customer Service is fantastic, too. We have recommended these to several friends who have also had great results.
— Teresa
Actually really worked
We tried it for our son who normally could not get through a journey of 1 hour plus without medication - and he did! It's not perfect - he got so confident he went on his phone for a bit, and that was a mistake, but his sickness never got severe in the way it would otherwise. .
— Clare
The glasses are well made and came with a nice case. The ordering process was easy and shipping to the US was quicker than I thought it would be. The glasses do fit pretty snug, hoping with more use they will ease up a little. Overall very happy with my purchase and experience.
— Shannon
Everything about my experience in making this purchase was great. The glasses are very well made, the customer service and follow up was spot on and the speed of the delivery was the icing on the cake. I have already used my boarding glasses several times and they really do work!! If you have ever experienced motion sickness, then you know how awful it can be. Don’t hesitate to invest in this product. It will change your life!
— Lucretia
A life saver for me! I have acute car sickness when I'm not driving and must sit in the back of a car. The glasses are allowing me to regulate the symptoms (no more nausea) and I've been able to take taxis easily since I've been wearing them. Thumbs up for the inventors and highly recommended product!
— Serine