The road to Boarding Ring

Hubert Boarding Ring

And if we evoked the prehistory of Boarding Ring? And so my vision, my interest in visual pursuit and the journey that led to the approach proposed by Boarding Ring?

An alternative view

As a child, I had observed a blind man who walked forward, without his white cane touching the ground, or bumping into the sidewalk step to step over it. It was kind of funny to believe that an adult was doing the fake-blind prank; he did that all the time, and I had discovered him, I knew his secret. This might annoy my mother, but I was delighted.
Having become a student, I happened to accompany young blind people. But then again, there were a few who obviously spotted obstacles from a distance so they never hit anything. So these blind people, they probably weren't jokers, had a perception of the environment, another view … Similarly, I went to the university canteen on foot while reading a folded newspaper. I walked on the sidewalk devouring the news, without ever hitting anyone. Me too, would I have this facility?

A stabilized view

In the 19th century we had evoked the idea of ​​blind vision, a paradoxical vision, it is true that in these terms it was a little "inflated". But in fact my idea of ​​several visual activities with differentiated strategies that could coexist and collaborate, and even collaborate with other senses, went in this direction.
Several perceptual strategies made it possible to include the sense of balance of the inner ear in the stabilization of gaze. From then on working on visual pursuits, I proposed new perspectives on peripheral vision and finally ended up with these tiered glasses . Boarding Glasses was born!

Hubert Jeannin - Co-founder

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