Resolutely scientific

Renaud Boarding Ring

Solve the sensory conflict between the eye and the inner ear to avoid motion sickness. It is around this idea that Boarding Ring was born. This approach gave birth to Boarding Glasses , a pair of “low-tech” glasses, contrary to drug solutions, and yet resolutely scientific . With maximum efficiency , applying this concept in all situations that can generate motion sickness is the main mission of research and development within Boarding Ring.

This scientific approach resonated with my years of university research in France and then in the United States; and being responsible for improving existing products and developing new products in this adventure with Antoine and Hubert, was a natural decision.

Innovation and continuous improvement

An innovative approach which initially consisted in moving from a personal solution, Boarding Glasses, to a collective solution, Boarding Light , where the vehicle itself prevents the onset of motion sickness for all its passengers. The intelligent interior lighting creates, like Boarding Glasses, an artificial horizon that reacts to the movements of the vehicle.

Innovating also means applying our know-how to the problems encountered by new technologies. This is how we launched, on the occasion of CES 2020 in Las Vegas, the marketing of Seenetic VR , the solution to the evil of virtual reality , or cyber-kinetosis, which affects 45% of users and whose source is identical to motion sickness. A solution that will free the VR industry from its main brake!

Renaud Jeannin - CTO

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